The Ellison Family Website Is Back!

The Ellison Family History Part. 1

Let me first start by saying WELCOME, and if you do not know me I am probaby your cousin Michael. If you are much older than me, let me historically acquaint myself.

Jordan Ellison–>Albert Ellison—>Sam Ellison—-> Sam Ellison Jr.—-> Sam Ellison III -> ME!

Now that I got that out the way, I want to let you all know about this website. This website will keep our family history from the past, present and hopefully the future. I have been researching our family for the past 3 months on a daily basis. I have several interesting things I want to share with you all so that you too can know the colorful history of the Ellison family. We have evolved from slaves and sharecroppers in the 1700’ some of the earliest black land owners in Texas….to the doctors, lawyers, teachers, athletes, and scholars of today. The struggles our ancestors endured, with help from the Lord, allowed us all to have the opportunites we have today. So I urge you all to share this website with the family, and assist me in this project.

I will keep family events and significant dates posted here, as well as pictures of family members.  If you would like to send me information, pictures, dates, or anything to make this page more thorough, feel free to do so.

Enjoy,  (May 26, 2005)


Our ancestors as you know came from Alabama with their slave masters through Mississippi and on to Texas. To truly understand our history I will post some history of the people who owned our people. Once that is established I will tell you your family tree and it’s history.

Holloway and Martha Ellison began their trek to Texas in 1847 with other families including the Tabors, Flemings, Cobbs, Jeffreys, and Rectors. Also among them was Thomas Baines. President LBJ’s grandfather. They traveled in a covered wagon caravan. Holloway convinced 4 of his brothers to make the trip to Texas as well. Each of them owned several slaves. My research of the 1860 Federal Census shows that there were 94 Slaves in Caldwell County owned by these Ellison men.

Holloway bought land on Plum Creek near Clark’s Chapel. Then later sold and moved to the Clear Fork Community. The old homestead was located where a present day man named Robert Brown III lives.  He owned many hundreds of acres on both sides of the road at Clear Fork. Ellison was a big slave owner. His slaves, (our ancestors), split the rails and fenced the property. Holloway and his wife and slaves settled down here and reared their families.

Mrs Ellison and the slaves did all their cooking on Saturday. The kitchen extended away from the house in order to keep down fires. They went to church on Sundays and were very devout Christians.

Holloway’s brothers settled in various areas around Lockhart. His brother Jonathan and his slaves settled near Martindale on land that is now called Reedville. His brother William orginally settled in Travis County, and later moved to Caldwell County. His brother Thomas settled near the Plum Creek in what is now the Seawillow Community. His brother Nathaniel settled in what is now the Brownsboro community.

Many of the Ellison men (including the Lockhart Commander) fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War. A.A. Ellison, Holloway’s oldest son, Was the sheriff of Caldwell County for over 10 years in the 1870’s.  After Emancipation in the 1860’s…the oldest living Black Ellison in Caldwell County was none other than our ancestor…my  great great GREAT Grandfather

JORDAN ELLISON.  He endured over 50 years of being a slave (1813-1865) before he was able to truly be his own man with his own family, living on his own terms. Jordan was 17 years older than his wife Mary A. Ellison which explains why he had so many children (10) at such a late age.

 Born in Alabama, Jordan more than likely had brothers named Ben, Milton, Terrell and Robert. I cannot prove this yet, but the fact that they lived near each other, had children named after each other, and are the ONLY men that originated in Alabama within the same time frame. One would be compelled to believe so. I will wait till I have better support for that theory, but for now I will tell you a little about Jordan.

Despite being 52 when he was freed, he and his wife Mary lived long lives and were married for over 60 years. I do not have an accurate date of death but I do know they were born in the early 1800’s (1813,1830) and they were still alive and well in Lockhart in the 1910’s living right next to tomorrow’s featured relative: ALBERT ELLISON SR., . A majority of us descend from Lee, Grant or Samuel Ellison. Albert Sr. was their father and he has a colorful history. 





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One Response to The Ellison Family Website Is Back!

  1. Cousin Michael:
    Our relaunched website and this past weekend’s reunion are a source of immense pride and joy. We THANK God for the extra hard and smart work, love, caring and faith exhibited by every one responsible, involved and present.

    You, your and the younger generations, give all of us God placed here before you particularly pride and faith, Michael. And, the Ellison family history is emblematic of all God has allowed us to overcome, achieve and surpass as people of African descent. Not just in America, but all across the world.

    I sincerely believe my children love their family more than anything on this earth. The love and kindness shown to them by their Ellison family relatives has been a big part of the reason for this throughout their years. While we could not all make it to the really, really nice reunion this past weekend, there is no doubt that a powerful spark was ignited. Together, we can make future reunions even more wonderful than this super nice one. As said by you and many,spreading the work effort around is the biggest key to keeping already positive things going and growing. .

    THANKS to God for you and every family member. The capturing, sharing and keeping alive of our amazing family history is worth more than all the money in the world. So, so blessed and proud to be part of the Ellison family!

    David Lee Ellison (of the Houston, TX L.T. Ellison, Sr. family branch)

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